Dirt Bike Videos

Everyone wants their 15-minutes of fame in this world. With social video marketing website such as YouTube, you are able to do just that. Once a video has been passed around the World Wide Web it gains the title of going “viral”. At this point it is considered one of the most popular videos on the internet and will gain even more steam until it becomes old news. Everyone from business owners to recording artists are using home videos to help draw attention to themselves. You can film your own dirt bike videos with a few easy steps and launch them into popularity.

First, determine what you would like to film. If you are creating dirt bike videos then you could choosing anything from dirt bike maintenance to cool new stunts you or your friends is able to perform. If you really want to maintain popularity on the internet then you will need to keep posting videos. The best internet videos are short and to the point. Consider making your video less than two-minutes long unless it is an instructional video. Once you have determined what kind of dirt bike videos you want to film it is time to determine who the key players will be.

You will need to have one person holding the camera. If you have several cameras then you can have several people filming from different angles to help give a better view during the editing process of the video. You will need a stunt person, who should be practiced and you will need someone to watch out for any problems during the stunt. Choose a sunny day with minimal wind to film your stunts to get the best picture quality. All that is left is for you to get the cameras rolling and the stunt to be performed.

After you have filmed the stunt you should upload the videos to a video editing software program such as Windows Movie Maker. This option is a free download for any windows based computer. It is easy to use but there are numerous high end movie makers on the market today which can also be used for video production. Splice the video into segments and determine which pieces you want to keep. You can use the fade in and fade out features to show two angles of the same section of the stunt at once or even have segments following one after another. The last thing you will want to do in video editing is apply a music clip to the video and final credits.

If you do not already have a YouTube account then you should set one up, which is free. Upload your video and share it on all of your favorite social media websites to help gain traffic to it. Your friends and followers will likely “share” the video as well to help it gain even more popularity. When titling the video during the upload be sure to include some keywords like “dirt bike videos” so that people will better be able to find the video online.

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